Agincourt Mall aims to ensure that everyone enjoys our premises. We take this dedication to accessibility seriously. We’re happy to provide: 

Wheelchair access entrances

All of our entrances are wheelchair accessible.

Special needs parking spots

You’ll find parking spots close to the mall entrances specifically for people with special needs.

Complimentary wheelchair use

Please ask our guest service reps at Guest Services in Centre Court for a complimentary wheelchair.

A valid for of identification or a set of keys will need to be retained during wheelchair use.

Special needs washroom facilities

Our washrooms are all equipped with stalls specifically for people with special needs.

You can find out more about our Accessibility policy and plans below:

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Customer Service Standard Policy

Integrated Accessibility Standard Policy

Service Disruptions

There are currently no disruptions to accessible elements.


The ultimate goal of the Company is to meet and surpass customer expectations while servicing customers with disabilities. Individuals who wish to provide feedback on the way we provide services or elements to people with disability can provide feedback HERE or by the methods outlined in our Customer Service Standard Policy.


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